The Ultimate Barista Challenge® is an action packed competition where baristi, someone who professionally prepares coffee, compete in a dueling stage of identical espresso stations to shake, not stir, their espresso cocktails, to prepare beautiful caffe latte art, blend espresso frappe and brew the best they have. Each Barista has a tight 10 minutes to prepare drinks in each category and serve to a discerning professional tasting judges panel comprised of coffee specialists, trainers, food writers, chefs or sommeliers before a live audience to win the right to Challenge the reigning champion and in turn become "The Ultimate Barista".

Creator of The Ultimate Barista Challenge® USA, Sherri Johns, exclaims "Food, Pastry and Bartending competitions are very popular events. It is time coffee service and espresso take the stage and become part of the dining culture, not just a segment for specialty cafes."

UBC China Challenger at the 2014 FHC Shanghai!

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Ultimate Barista Russia vs. Ultimate Barista China 2014

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2014 UBC China at the FHC Shanghai!
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2014 Ultimate Barista Challenge Russia in Moscow! Latte Art Championships!

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UBC Russia Siphon Challenge - Moscow 2014!

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UBC Russia 2014 in Moscow!

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At the FHC Shanghai show in Pudong the new 2013 Ultimate Barista China Mr. Wang Bei Qi!

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In Jakarta for the 2nd Annual UBC Indonesia event at the Interfood Indonesia in Jakarta on 29 - 31 August!


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2012 UBC Russia is St.Petersburg

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424353_461954567169661_1114574579_n 04/15/12
2012 NYC Ultimate Barista Challenge at the IRFSNY

2012 Ultimate Barista Challenge USA on March 4 - 6, 2012 at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York in the Jacob Javits Convention Center. This was the 5th Annual UBC event at the IRFSNY in New York City! This 3 day Specialty Coffee barista challenge included; Day 1: Latte Art Challenge, Day 2: Espresso Frappe Challenge and Day 3: Best of Brew Challenge. Our Ultimate Barista for this UBC event was Ultimate Barista James Duncan of Houston, Texas. Ultimate Barista Duncan took all 3 Championships with a clean sweep. Danny Shannon of Battery Place Markets, in NYC was the UBC Challenger in the Latte Art Challenge and won the first round but Ultimate Barista Duncan pour a some great Latte Art and won the Championship Round. UBC Challenger Danny Shannon took home some great prizes from Astoria GEEC, CoffeeTalk Magazine, BUNN, Cappuccine, Vitamix, Coffee Labs Roasters, Espresso Supply Inc., Organic Valley Family of Farms, CDN (Component Design Northwest) Pallo - Joe Glo and Reg Barber Tampers. They also took home with them the coveted UBC Medallions! The UBC is endorsed by the National Coffee Association of America and Presented by WholeCup Coffee Consulting. A portion of UBC proceeds are donated to the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.

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The Big Apple SEE's THE RETURN OF THE 6TH ANNUAL UBC NYC! Barista Event!

All NY professional baristi are invited to the 6th Annual 2012 UBC USA in New York City starting on Sunday, March 4th at 10:30 am and ending on Tuesday, March 6th at 3:00 pm. This is an "alternative" dueling barista competition where you can participate as a UBC challenger in 1, 2, 3 or all four "challenge" categories: LATTE ART (where Taste is as important as the Art), ESPRESSO FRAPPE (cold blended frappes with the taste of espresso), BEST OF BREW (brewed coffee prepared with BUNN grinders and via Chemex..straight up!) and ESPRESSO COCKTAIL (where alcohol and espresso meet).
The International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York / hosts this annual coffee competition in addition to Pastry & Culinary Chef Championships!

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2011 UBC CHINA brings it on at the FHC SHANGHAI
The 6th Annual UBC China brought on some new talent at this year's challenges at the FHC Shanghai on November ! Mainland Chinese barista competed in the Latte Art, Espresso Frappe and the Espresso Cocktail Qualifying categories. Ultimates from Russia, Elena Goryacheva chosen by the Qualiying Finalist in Espresso Frappe and the USA, Ultimate Barista James Duncan chosen in the Latte Art Challenge, both came out as taking their first International UBC Championship! UBC China Challenger Mr. Hong Jie became the New UBC China Espresso Cocktail Champion defeating Ultimate Barista USA James Duncan in the Championship bout! Ultimate Barista China Kelvin Huang was a guest UBC China Judge in the UBC Espresso Cocktail!


2011 UBC Espresso Cocktail Champion Mr. Hong Jie


The Ultimate Barista Challenge Hawai'i & the UBC Kona Barista Jam came to the Big Island on November 9th & 10th during the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. The Latte Art Challenge and the Espresso Frappe Challenges had Island baristi competing for prizes and UBC Medallions. Ben Fillegues a local Hawai'ian barista took the UBC Latte Art Qualifying Round and found himself in the Championship Round up against Ultimate Barista USA Heather Perry! Ultimate Barista Perry prevailed in this Latte Art Championship. Ben was awarded a Free Trip and Competitor Slot to Portland, Oregon for the 2012 US National Barista Championship! 2011 USA National Barista Champion Pete Licata joined the UBC Hawai'i as a UBC Judge, Kona Barista Jam Lead and went toe-to-toe in a UBC Exhibition Latte Art Challenge with Ultimate Barista USA Heather Perry. <> <> Photos 2011 U 195 01/08/12


After 3 days and 3 Challenge Categories Elena Goryacheva of Khabarovst, Russia wins the 2011 Overall UBC Russia Championship and now joins the UBC in Pudong,China at the FHC Shanghai in November! She will represent the Russian Federation in a Dueling Barista Competition along with UBC Korea and UBC China "Ultimates". Congratulations Ultimate Barista Russia Elena Goryacheva!

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All US Baristi, invited to enter. A tasty iced blended recipe using Cappuccine can earn you the big bucks - $1000, $750 or even $500. We've tasted some amazing blended drinks on the UBC stage - go for it.

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Gather round for the Kona Barista Jam and first Hawaii Edition of the UBC! Very cool beans. The Ultimate Barista Challenge will partner with the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival to bring together baristi in a Kona Barista Jam, November 9 followed by the first edition Ultimate Barista Challenge, November 10. More details to follow!!

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Ecky Prabanto, Roaster / Barista, Greenway Coffee & Tea and James Duncan, Catalina Coffee and Greenway are the newest Ultimate Baristi to join the 'Family of Champions". Ecky took home a Quiet One Blender as her Espresso Frappe, "Delicious Drink" got the judges smiling (and drinking). James scored a new BUNN Brewer, Chemex, and a Mazzer Mini from Astoria GEEC for his wins in the Latte Art Challenge and Best of Brew Challenge. David Buehrer remains Ultimate Barista in Cocktails. Good job all. You are changing the face and taste of specialty coffee in Texas! Shout out to all sponsors, Sean Marshall of Fusion Beans, Judges and participants,way to go. Thank you Texas Restaurant Association for your support! Until we meet again, Happy Trails.

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Greetings Baristi, Sharing your barista know-how can earn you a trip to China. Just sign up and complete in all four challenge categories, (latte art. espresso frappe, espresso cocktail and best of brew) for the Ultimate Barista Challenge in Dallas at the Southwest Foodservice Expo, June 26 - 28, OR the Ultimate Barista Challenge in San Diego - Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo, August 28 - 30. UBC Overall points champion will be on their way for an all expense paid trip as Ultimate Barista to Shanghai! How cool is that!? And remember, your 25 entry fee is 100% donated to Grounds For Health.

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IMG_0935 06/07/11
DALLAS - Here comes the UBC at the Southwest Foodservice Expo JUNE 26 - 28, 2011
Howdy! We are thrilled about returning to the great state of Texas for the Ultimate Barista Challenge at TRA. The Ultimate Barista Challenge is one of many chef, food and beverage oriented competitions hosted at the show. This is where we like to be - sharing coffee and espresso expertise with the best chefs of the Southwest. June 26 through 28 will see all four Barista Challenges in Latte Art - beatiful creations that taste as good as they look, Espresso Frappe - the real deal, cool, creamy and perfect for hot weather with the essential coffee kick, Espresso Cocktails - (Ultimate Barista Dave Buehrer specialty) and Best of Brew - coffee by the cup, tableside from seed to cup. In order to increase BARISTA BLING to our new entering baristi, really nice prizes are going to the Qualifying Winners! So if you are considering...sign up today! 100% of Entry fees of the UBC Dallas are donated to the International Women's Coffee Alliance. (NY proceeds went to Grounds for Health) Winner of Qualifying Round in Espresso Frappe includes a VITAMIX QUIET ONE BLENDER, value over $1,000!! Winner of Qualifying Round in Latte Art is a MAZZER MINI Grinder compliments of General Espresso Machine Corporation. Best of Brew winners and Ultimate Champion CHEMEX for all!! Of course Ultimate Barista Champions are awarded the coveted Medallion, Reg Barber Tampers, cool stuff from Espresso Supply, other coffee goodies, braggin' rights and trips!

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The UBC "Showdown" New Orleans hits the NCA Conference!
Had a great time at the NCA Centennial Conference with the UBC "Showdown" New Orleans on March 16 - 19, 2011! The UBC Ultimate Baristi slugged it out in 2 categories; Best of Brew "French Press" and Coffee Cocktail Challenges! Ultimate Barista USA Heather Perry of Klatch Coffee in San Dimas, CA met up with Ultimate Barista USA David Buehrer of Greenway Coffee & Tea in Houston, TX for this Ultimate match! After 2 long hours Ultimate Barista USA Heather Perry chocked up 2 more wins to her score sheet! Ultimate Barista USA David Buehrer was right behind with his tasty Cocktail! The UBC wants to thank the NCA and for our second appearence at this great coffee show! UBC Best of Brew Challenge

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UBC at Coffee And Tea Festival in New York, February
November 19, 2010 - New York, NY. Starfish Junction Productions, producer of Coffee and Tea Festival NYC, announced earlier this week that the 6th Annual Coffee And Tea Festival being held in New York City on February 19 & 20, 2011 will host the northeast Ultimate Barista Challenge® competition. The Festival will be held at 7W, 7 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001. The event is open to the public and the trade.

The Ultimate Barista Challenge is an action packed competition where baristi compete in a dueling stage of identical espresso stations hoping to be crowned the Ultimate Barista. "A little bit Iron Chef and a little bit American Idol, it is fun and captivating for the baristi and audience members alike," said Sherri Johns, creator of the Ultimate Barista Challenge international competition. "We are absolutely thrilled to be featured at the Coffee and Tea Festival of New York. The coffee community there is buzzing. I am so impressed with local roasters and baristi. We should see a great challenge," added Johns.

As seen on the Food Network's hit show Unwrapped and selected as one of the 10 Best New York Events April 2009, by, "the Coffee And Tea Festival is a celebration of everything related to coffee and tea," said Lynda Calimano, Event Producer. "We're especially delighted this year to host the Ultimate Barista Challenge. Attendees are in for a real treat," she added.

The event offers two days of fun and interactive classes/lectures/demos from well-known industry pros and pioneers. Programming highlights include topics as varied as coffee cupping & tasting, afternoon tea etiquette, making tea cocktails, and incorporating coffee into your favorite recipes. Included among the featured exhibitors are Melitta, Tavalon Tea, Harney & Sons Fine Teas, Jalima Coffee, Fang Gourmet Tea, Shapna Tea & Coffee, TeaClassics, Hancha Tea, Coffee Lab Roasters, Montauk Beverage Works, Runa, Joe's Coffee House, The Tea Set, Entenmann's Coffee, World Green Tea Association, and the Tea Association of the U.S.A. The event will also help raise funds and awareness for Cup for Education, a non-profit group that provides help to the poor rural coffee communities of Central and Latin America.

Attendance at the event programs is included in the nominal, $20 all-day-pass. Goodie bags will be distributed to the first 1500 attendees each day. Tickets, which include sampling from the international lineup of coffee and tea exhibitors as well as attendance at the classes/seminars/demos, can be purchased at the event website:

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2010 Ultimate Barista Challenge China in Shanghai!

The 5th annual Ultimate Barista Challenge® China will include Espresso Frappe, Espresso Cocktail and the Latte Art categories. There will be "Ultimate Baristi" from the USA, South Korea and China to duel with any UBC Challenger who wins the UBC Challenger Qualifying heats! UBC Creator & Head Judge, Sherri Johns of WholeCup Coffee Consulting, LLC / BEST Coffee School in Portland, Oregon USA commented that this will be the best Asian UBC ever! Sherri will also be leading the 1st "Coffee Cupping Tutorial" in China at the Coffee Cupping and Training Tutorial area on days 2 & 3 of the FHC Show!

The Goal of the Ultimate Barista Challenge China is to increase Specialty Coffee knownledge and professionalism at cafes, restaurants & hotels in China!

The UBC China will take place at the FHC (Foodservice Hospitality China) in Pudong on 10 - 12 November in the New International Exhibition Center. FHC China, organized by China International Exhibitions, hosts the UBC China annually in the Coffee & Tea Pavilion.

Diverse categories in Latte Art, Espresso Frappe and Espresso Cocktail will challenge the local/regional Chinese baristi to stretch their wings and approach coffee as a chef approaches his/her craft. This a real life barista competition like no other!

The UBC China Champions will win Cash & Sponsor Gifts from La Cimbali and Jespresso in Shanghai! All UBC Finalist & Champions will also receive the coveted UBC engraved Reg Barber Tamper.

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